Success Stories

LeAnn’s Success Story

Working with Jolene has changed my life. Utilizing hypnosis has freed me spiritually. I have learned so much about myself  and how to handle stresses differently. I was able to release some old beliefs that held me back from really enjoying life. It was a tremendous weight off me. Now I have been able to move forward and live freely!


Annette’s Success Story


Just wanted to let you know, I ran 1-1/2 on my treadmill today,(first time in years). I challenged myself with every lap. I celebrated with a well deserved bottle of water. I’m also charged up to meet my exercise routine daily too.
I’m sending you a big hug for all the encouragement your classes has given me and the faith (in myself), for the power of hypnosis is just what I needed to make me look at my life and my weight issues differently.

I feel I am well on my way to seeing my weight loss goal. My 200 mile bike ride in July will be better this year because I can see myself at the finish line trimmer and more fit.
Thank you for giving me the tools to succeed.

Annette K.


Micheal’s Success Story

Jolene is such a gentle and loving healer.  I will be always grateful for the things she has taught me, and the things she has helped me to find within myself.  Heart Centered Hypnotherapy has led me to a deep place of self-acceptance and healthy self love which has truly transformed my life. This process is incredibly powerful!


Cathy’s Success Story

Thank you, thank you THANK YOU! I really love how easy this weight loss has been! I look and feel better than I have in years. You are so talented…it’s been a pleasure and I look forward to more!


Terry’s Success Story

My experience in hypnotherapy has been completely life changing in so many positive ways! Your kind guidance in teaching me skills through 7 Path have empowered me, helped me to resolve many issues, and allowed me to embrace much needed changes without guilt or a defeatist mind set. In addition, I will forever see the huge benefit of helping people through hypnosis. I dare-say I am one of your biggest fans! As Always, my heartfelt thanks to you, Jolene!
I would recommend hypnosis to anyone who is going through life trials.  It was a good experience for me.


Marshall’s Success Story

I am a big believer in hypnosis for weight loss. I had my first session in the middle of May 2008, at that time I weighed 222lbs. I had five sessions with Jolene. I started losing weight the first week. The hypnosis didn’t make me loose the weight, but it gave me a new mind set that helped me eat less at meals and quit snacking between meals and it also made me want to start exercising. It made me want to be healthier.
By the end of November I was down to 186lbs. I gained about 6lbs over the holidays and went back in for a tune up session and now I am back on my way to reaching my goalof 180lbs! That is a total of 42lbs loss. I weigh less than I have in many years!
Many Thanks to Jolene and Hypnosis.


Melanie’s Success Story 

In a session with Jolene, I was able to go to a place in my past that needed to be healed. Her gentle support and encouragement allowed me to trust that dealing with this extremely sensitive and painful situation could help me forgive myself and move on. Jolene’s ability to be with someone fully was the strength I needed to work through the hurt and come out loving myself. She is a gifted hypnotherapist with intuitive skills well beyond her years!
Thanks Jolene.


David’s Success Story

Jolene, I cannot thank you enough. Your sessions enabled me to reach inside and help myself to overcome my problem. I have to say, I was skeptical before walking into your office but that changed after just the first session. Thanks you again for helping me to save my career!!!
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